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2018 is the Builders Assn of LaPorte County''s 50th Anniversary Celebration

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August 23, 2018

 Builders Assn. of LaPorte County Celebrates it's 50th Anniversary

June of 1968, the eight builders and ten associates filed an application with the National Association of Home Builders to begin the Builders Association of La Porte County. On October 8, 1968 approval was granted. 
Did those eighteen original members realize how much the organization would grow?  Did they realize how many homes would be built and the impact on so many lives?  Did they foresee how much time they and so many of the future members would give back to their community?  Did they realize what a factor the association would become in implementing zoning, inspections and code?  We would like to believe they did and even if not we thank them for making it all possible.
We now find ourselves celebrating fifty years of professionals in our community aligned to provide safe affordable housing, dedicated to the quality of the product and satisfaction of the consumer.  Members that have come and gone, members that have been a part of this nonprofit organization for decades. Members who can help you through every step in the building process, from real estate and planning to construction to interior design, landscaping, financing, closing and more.  People and businesses dedicated to making building a home, although a difficult and time consuming effort, an easy, understandable event, minimizing as much effort and stress as possible.   Our members are a group of people who if not already family become so as you work with them.
Since 1968, the BALC has and will always be dedicated to improving the local housing industry through legislation, education and services for the benefit of the members and local communities.  The goal of the BALC is to be the voice of the building industry in our community.  The Builders Association of La Porte County strives to protect the American Dream of housing opportunities for all, while working to achieve professional success for its members who build communities, create jobs and strengthen our economy.   We believe building a community is more than building homes.  Our members give back to the communities where they live and work consistently donating considerable time, materials and financial support to community service projects.
This year we celebrate fifty years of the existence of the Builders Association of La Porte County its membership and dedication to its industry and homeowners.
The Builders Assn of LaPorte County values every one of our members, past and present.  We would like to thank them for their support of the last 50 years and enjoy an evening together to remember the past as we look forward to the future of the organization.  We invite all past and present members to celebrate with us at the LaPorte Civic Auditorium on Sept. 21 at 5:30PM. 
Please RSVP to our office at 219-326-0624 if you would like to participate in this event.

Cindy Dangler, Executive Officer
(219) 326-0624